Works Archive

    Awaiting Your Arrival - Installation with Salt Prints, Headset & Audio (2013)

    Jonah Interrupted - Theatre Performance (2012)

    Awaiting Your Arrival - Installation (2011)

    Cotton Candy Cawcawphobia - Installation (2010)

    A House of Stone or Sunk In - Installation (2009)

      Parsifal Unspoken - Performance (2009)

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Works In Progress

Suspended Disbelief Shining Blues - Art Installation

Rhinocerosis - Theatre Performance

Published Works

      Theatre of Truth(s) Series:

      Catalogue of Works (2014)

      Bogged Down & Bumpy Road (2011)

      Parsifal Unspoken (2009)

      When One Form Generates Another: Manifestations of Exposure and Exposition in Practice-Based Artistic Research (2013). In: The Exposition of Artistic Research: Publishing Art in Academia. Michael Scwab and Henk Borgdorff (eds.). Leiden University Press, pp. 165-176.

Gallery: Installation Work

  • Awaiting Your Arrival:
    Installation with video projection, canes, coats, and lifesize cardboard cutout of the artist. 2011

    (click image to play video)

  • Parsifal Unspoken: Performance by Ella Joseph

    Cotton Candy...Cawcawphobia:

    Installation with sound, video projection and cotton candy. 2010

  • Inertia: Performance by Ella Joseph

    All Aboard:

    Installation with video projection, dirt, cage and sound. 2008

  • Bogged Down:
    Performance installation with video projection, drawings, chair, headphones and sound. 2004

    (click image to play video clip)