ScenoArt was founded by Ella Joseph as a vehicle to incubate and disseminate her new work. ScenoArt Studio & Gallery, a 700 sq feet space, part of the artist's home, opened in 2007. The small venue is located in the heart of Linwood Historic District, in Buffalo, New York.

    ScenoArt links visual and performing arts and incubates cross-disciplinary work ranging from theatre and multimedia performance to installation art (sound and video), fine art prints and paintings. While small-scale projects are mostly shown at ScenoArt Studio & Gallery, the large-scale works are presented at other conventional and unconventional venues such as art galleries and churches.

    The name ScenoArt comes from scenography and loosely translates to the art of writing in space.

Artist Statement

It is in the spirit of the artist to let oneself vulnerable within the expression of their work. "[...] to discover, to experience the truth about ourselves; to tear away the masks behind which we hide daily." (Jerzy Grotowski) Thus, the collective title of my work, Theatre of Truth(s).

Describing my intentions as well as my responsibilities that I have as an artist, Theatre of Truth(s) veils and unveils personal experiences throughout a spectrum of genres. Each work represents a piece of my own truth as I see it at the time and space of creation, an opportunity to observe and reflect upon movements of my own mind, body and soul.

Evoking awareness and participation by appealing to the viewers' nature to ask questions and find their own answers, I show that art, just like life, and life, just like art, is subject to multiple interpretations.

Ella Joseph

    Ella Joseph is a visual and theater performance artist trained in physical performance (Grotowski Method and Body Weather Laboratory)
    at the Utrecht School of the Arts (HKU),
    The Netherlands; photography, video and public art at the School of Art and Design Zurich (HGKZ), Switzerland; and painting at the University of Arts, Iasi, Romania.

    Ella holds a Master of Arts in Scenography from the Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design, University of the Arts London, UK, a Master of
    Fine Arts in Theater Design from the University of
    British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada and a
    Master of Science in Textile Design & Engineering from the Gh. Asachi Technical University of
    Iasi, Romania.

    Consisting of over twenty-five original pieces,
    Ella's work has been shown in Europe, Canada and the United States.

    Artist Resume

Gallery: Perfomance Work

  • Jonah Interrupted:
    Theatre performance with movement, chorus, drums & trumpet. 2012

    (click image to play video clip)

  • Parsifal Unspoken:
    Performance with movement, video projections and percussion. 2009

    (click image to play video clip)

  • Inertia:
    Performance installation with movement, sound and light. 2001

    (click image to play video clip)

  • E-Motion:

    Performance with movement, sand & one light. 2000